Now Choose Life!

Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 26:16-19; 27; 28; 29; 30

The Israelites were given a choice--life or death, success or destruction, blessings or curses. Moses encouraged them, "Now choose life; ...the Lord is your life" (30:19-20). Of those who made a different choice, however, Moses said, "These are the kind of people who hear these curses but bless themselves, thinking, 'I will be safe even though I persist in going my own way.' This will bring disaster" (29:19 NCV/NIV).

Most of us don't purposely choose "death," but we do sometimes hear God's word and think to ourselves, "I will be safe even though I persist in going my own way" (29:19). Even though I know what God wants and expects from me, I sometimes tell myself that it won't hurt anything if I flirt with danger for a little while or step over a few boundaries. While I dangle my feet in the turbulent waters of temptation, I think to myself, "If I'm careful, I'll be safe." Yet, when I persist in thinking that my way is better or more desirable than God's plan, my attitude eventually brings disaster. Before I even realize what happened, I find myself being swept downstream, out of control. While I fight to keep my head above water, I think, "How did I get here? Did I fall? Did I jump? Did somebody push me?" Instead of dangling my feet, God wants me to deliberately pull my feet out of the water, walk across the bridge he has built to keep me safely above temptation and destruction, and find life and freedom on the other side.

On this day, I choose life! Lord, I choose to listen to your voice, obey your teachings and stand firmly on your truth. I choose to love you and follow you with my whole being. I choose to stay close to you--to hold you tightly. You are my life; I choose you. When I stray from you, reveal it to me so that I may return. Thank you, Lord, that your expectations of me aren't too difficult or beyond my reach (30:11). Keep your word in my mouth and in my heart so that I may obey it (30:14). Thank you for providing the strength, wisdom and power to obey your word and follow your will. Help me to draw upon the resources you make available to me. Help me to daily choose you with every decision, every action, and every attitude.

Help my husband and children to choose you too. Teach them to make wise choices that will yield a full life. Reveal the fullness of your love to them. Warn them when they dangle their feet in temptation. Have compassion on them when they stumble and fall. Draw them to you. Stir in their hearts a passion to read the Bible and to know you more. Inspire them to stand for your truth and walk in your ways. May we be a family that stays near your word and close to your heart as, together, we choose life!