Sovereign Lord

Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 14:25-33; 15; 16:1-14; Psalm 3

David's son, Absalom, led a rebellion to take over the kingdom, forcing David and his army to flee from Jerusalem.

Though it appeared to others that God had abandoned him, David completely trusted God's sovereignty. He had an inner peace because he knew that, whatever happened to him, God was in control and knew what was best (15:25-26; Ps. 3). When he suffered insult and distress, he endured patiently and hoped that God would repay him with good (16:10-12).

O Sovereign Lord, help me to trust you as completely as David did. When I don't understand or like what is happening to me, fill my heart with the peace of knowing that you are in control of my life. I surrender my life into your hands; do to me whatever seems good to you (15:26). Help me endure the hard times, sustained by a sincere belief that your way is best and your purpose is eternal. You see my distress; in your time and in your way, reward me with good for the injury that I now patiently suffer (16:12). Your eyes are upon me and your hand upholds and leads me. Even when others think that you have abandoned me and that no hope remains, you surround me with your presence and give me courage to press on; you calm my fears and give me strength to endure (Ps. 3). Though I may not know why I must suffer, I can rest in the knowledge that you know everything. I will put my hope and faith in you. I will accept what happens today as your will. I will pray for your will to be done in my life and in the lives of those I love, for you are trustworthy. I will worship you, for you are worthy of praise. I will wait expectantly for your deliverance and blessing.