Turn on the Faucet

Bible Reading:
Psalms of Joy and Praise Psalm 119

I am well aware of the healthful benefits of drinking lots of water. Water can help prevent illness, speed recovery from illness, flush out toxins, aid in dieting, etc. It doesn't even cost anything to drink it from my faucet. Yet, I just haven't developed the discipline of filling my water bottle and drinking water throughout the day.

God's word is living water. It keeps me healthy--in my spirit, my thoughts and my attitude. It provides prevention, protection and restoration for the soul. It even "slims down" my appetite for sin. I receive so many wonderful benefits when I develop and maintain the discipline of drinking living water every day. This living water is as easily accessible as drawing water from a faucet. Yet, my Bible has often been left untouched for days … weeks … even months.

In Old Testament days, only kings, priests and scholars had personal copies of Bible manuscripts to read. God's people memorized scripture and passed it down orally from generation to generation. In the longest chapter in the Bible (Ps. 119), written in an acrostic of the Hebrew alphabet for easy memorization, the psalmist expresses his great delight in memorizing, studying and meditating on the treasured word of God. He tells us that God's word keeps sin from controlling us, helps us live a pure life, takes away shame and disgrace, sets our hearts free, teaches us truth, saves us from death and defeat, helps us in times of trouble, and gives us strength, life, hope, protection, comfort, joy, insight, guidance, and true peace. With such rewards, why would we ever neglect it?