Even Though You Know

Bible Reading:
Psalms of Joy and Praise Psalm 139; 145; 148; 150

You are Almighty God. No one can fathom your greatness (145:3). I feel so unworthy in your presence. How could you love me, if you really knew me? Why would you desire to know me? I must put my best foot forward. I will only let you see the good side of me. I will hide my faults from you. I dare not tell you when I am angry, tempted, ashamed or afraid. I'll avoid you when my thoughts and emotions are out of control. I will bury the sins of my past deep within my soul so that they can never be uncovered. I will dress up, put on a smile, and go see you in church. There you will be impressed with me. I will sing songs to you and bow my head in prayer. I will volunteer my time and resources. Then you will look on me and smile. I'll wait till I have it all together before I sit down to pray. I will tell you what you want to hear. Then you will be pleased with my words and happy with what I have accomplished. If I am good enough, you might even love me.

No. You are not pleased; you are not impressed; you are not fooled by my shallow pretense of holiness. You know everything about me; you see everything I do; you hear every word I say; you perceive every thought that runs through my head--every emotion that captures my heart. As hard as I try, I can't hide anything from you. You see it all. Even before I tell you how I feel, you already know. Yet, you desire honesty and sincerity from me. Even though you already know, you long for me to open my heart to you and share my thoughts, my fears, my pain, my faults and my failures. Though your greatness is unfathomable, you are not unapproachable. Like a father, you require respect and reverence, yet you desire trust, familiarity and affection. You delight in opening your hand and showering me with love and care. Your eye has been upon me since the moment you created me. You were there when I disappointed you. You cried with me when life was too heavy to bear. You wanted to prove yourself to me when I was angry and distrustful of you. You followed me--even pursued me--when I tried to run away from you. Your presence is always with me; your hand always leads me; your arms always hold me. "Behind and before you encircle me and rest your hand upon me" (139:5 NAB).

You love every person you created (145:9,13,17): the good and the bad, the strong and the weak, the beautiful and the ugly! You will still love me, even if I hold you at arm's length and pretend to hide who I really am. But when I call on you with sincerity, you promise to be near to me (145:18; James 4:8)! When I am completely honest with you, you do not cover your face in disgust and walk away; instead, you tenderly smile and reach out to draw me into your loving embrace. You are gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love (145:9). You are faithful, trustworthy and loving (145:13). You pick me up when I fall; you lift my spirit when I lose heart (145:14).

You know me more than anyone does--even more than I know myself. Yet, even though you really know me, you love me! You love me! I can stop pretending, avoiding, ignoring, hiding and running. I will be still and know that you are God. As I sit still in your presence and get to know you, the fact that you are God no longer frightens me. I realize that, BECAUSE you are God, I can trust you, hope in you, be real with you, worship you, and love you. You love me EVEN THOUGH you know me; now I love you BECAUSE I know you!