God Weeps for His Enemies

Bible Reading: Isaiah 14:24-27; 15; 16; 17; 34:1-4

"My heart cries out over Moab" (15:5).
"So I weep…. I drench you with tears!" (16:9)
"My heart laments for Moab like a harp, my inmost being for Kir Hareseth" (16:11).

God warns that he will now bring retribution on the enemies of Israel. They have committed many heinous crimes against God's people and have led them into the worship of idols and pagan gods. They will now receive the punishment they deserve. Yet, God still weeps over their suffering. He is a compassionate and gracious God, even to his enemies. He showed grace to Israel's worst enemy, Ninevah, when they responded with repentance to Jonah's message. God desires for everyone to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9) and weeps over the suffering of all his created beings.

When our hearts cry out in pain and distress, what a comfort it is to know that God weeps with us and for us, like a parent weeps for a child who is going through a difficult time. He knows that the trial is necessary (though often for reasons beyond our human understanding), but it breaks his heart to watch us suffer. The cry of his heart is a song of mourning and grief. When we cry in his lap, he drenches us with his tears. May his bath of tears soften our hearts to love him more deeply, trust him more completely, and be more easily molded in his image.

"When Moab appears at her high place, she only wears herself out; when she goes to her shrine to pray, it is to no avail" (16:12).

"In that day men will look to their Maker and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel. They will not look to the altars, the work of their hands, and they will have no regard for the Asherah poles and the incense altars their fingers have made" (17:7-8).

God wants us to find our comfort, security and significance in him, not in the work of our own hands. When we seek relief from our daily troubles by escaping to our "high places" -- those activities, possessions and relationships that fill us with self-satisfaction -- we only wear ourselves out, to no avail. If we would look to God for deliverance and fulfillment, we would find a source of hope and strength unlike any other. When life is difficult, he wants us to crawl in his lap, cry our eyes out, and rejoice that we have a loving father who weeps with us. Wherever we run for relief, we must seek God there.