Come to the Fountain

Bible Reading: Isaiah 54:4-17; 55; 56 - Listen

Just as we need to daily nourish our physical body to sustain life, we must also daily nourish our spirit to keep it strong, healthy and refreshed. We must turn on the fountain of life within us. Jesus offers the "free gift of the water of life" (Rev. 22:17); he is "the bread of life" that satisfies our spiritual hunger and thirst when we come to him and believe in him (John 6:35). The rich spiritual food that comes from him "will fatten up the soul" (55:2 LB). The water that he gives "will become a spring of water gushing up inside us, giving eternal life" (John 4:14 NCV). When we keep coming to the spring of water and keep it gushing up inside us, it keeps our spirit clean and refreshed. But when we neglect to keep that fountain flowing in us, our spirit becomes stagnant and dirty.

How do we partake of this rich nourishment and dip in this refreshing spring of life? We simply "come" (55:1-2).

Where do we come? We come wherever we can find our Lord: we come to read and meditate on his word so that he can speak to our hearts and we can understand his truths; we come to him in prayer, seeking his wisdom, understanding and blessing; we come to his children to serve, love and encourage; we come to his creation, to adore his handiwork.

How do we come? We come listening, with our "ears wide open" (55:3 LB). We come seeking (55:6). We come calling (55:6). We come unencumbered, as we "cast off our wicked deeds" and "banish from our minds the very thought of doing wrong" (55:7). We come with our eyes fixed on the fountain ...our faces turned toward our God (55:7). We come without fear, for the creator and God of all the earth is our partner and redeemer (54:4-5). We come in obedience, choosing what pleases him (56:4). We come worshipping (56:6), celebrating all that he is, all that he said and all that he has done.

What happens when we come and wash in this fountain of life? God has mercy on us and abundantly pardons (55:7). He enables us to forget the shame of our youth (54:1). With everlasting kindness, he has deep compassion on us and brings us back to him (54:7-8). He rebuilds our broken lives (54:11-12). He teaches our children and gives them great peace (54:13). He reveals to us that his ways and thoughts are different, but higher, than ours (55:8-9). When we can't comprehend what is on his mind, we know that his higher thoughts have taken into consideration much more than we could ever conceive, and we strive to trust that his higher ways will eventually lead to peace and joy (55:12; 56:7).

As we continue to come to God for nourishment and refreshment, may our lives soak up the truths that rain from heaven; may our roots grow deep and strong; may we bud and flourish; may we produce fruit and yield seed in the lives of others; may his word accomplish his desires and purposes for our lives (55:10-11).