Frog in a Kettle

Bible Reading: Ezekiel 24 - Listen

God compared the city of Jerusalem to a cooking pot heavily encrusted with impurities (24:6-14; c.f. Ezekiel 11:1-12). Like a pot placed in the middle of a wood fire, the city was in the middle of a siege by the Babylonians. The choice pieces of meat that were put into the water-filled pot represented the remaining inhabitants of Jerusalem who thought their moral superiority had spared them from captivity. Though they felt safe and secure inside their city walls, the boiling climate of Jerusalem would soon become a cauldron of their destruction. They had become so contaminated by the pot's impurities that they would have to be taken out, piece by piece, and disposed of. The emptied pot would then be set directly on the red-hot coals in an effort to scorch off the rust and grime. Yet, even then, it would not come clean. God warns, "Now your impurity is lewdness. Because I tried to cleanse you but you would not be cleansed from your impurity, you will not be clean again until my wrath against you has subsided" (24:13).

Lord, when I am placed in the fire of difficult circumstances, help me to take an honest look at myself and my surroundings. What wrongful desires are encrusted on my heart? What thoughts and attitudes need to melt away? What distractions keep me from being useful to you? What impurities are contaminating the good things that you want to produce in me? Am I placing my trust in a boiling pot that fails to influence me according to your will? Like a frog in a kettle, have I become desensitized to the slowly rising heat? Soften my crusty heart with your living water so that you can cleanse and purify me "from everything that contaminates body and spirit" (2 Cor. 7:1). Let the fire purge away any unnecessary priorities and activities that keep me from you. Let the flame deepen my desire to know you more intimately.